Turkey Tasters 100g
Turkey Tasters 100g

Turkey Tasters 100g

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 Caliway Turkey Tasters 100g

These Delicious turkey strips with herbs provide a natural way to keep your doggy's worm free!

Only pure turkey meat and a natural herb mixture

Thankfully there are many natural ways of keeping your dog healthy and worm free and also keeping the stomach and intestinal flora happy and healthy. Our special blend of herbs will give your canine a strong, happy and balanced digestive tract. Using some spicy and bitter substances of the herbs inside our turkey tasters we can maintain a healthy eco system in your canines gut, but make it less inhabitable for wormss, basically these act as a natural de-wormer.

What Herbs are used?

Coconut, thyme, pumpkin seeds and fennel these are herbs known to dispel worms and stop re infestation from reoccurring. Rose hip peels, rich in vitamin c to strengthen the whole immune system and chamomile which soothes the entire gut. 


 Ingredients: 96% Turkey, 4% Herbs (rose hip peels, caraway, coconut, thyme, pumpkin seeds, fennel, ginger root, walnut leaves, elm bark, camomile, yarrow)

Nutritional content (subjected to natural fluctuations): raw protein 52,3%, raw fat 24,5%, raw ash 5,1%, raw fibre 2,4%.