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Why choose Caliway Grooming Academy?

The courses at Caliway Grooming  Academy are designed to suit everybody. You can learn how to groom your own dog one day or complete a 30 day iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management Qualification. We cater for novices wanting some confidence to those seeking a career at the highest standard in a lucrative industry. We also provide skill refreshers to experienced groomers keen to continue in their professional development.

Unlike many centres we can tailor make our courses to suit your needs and accreditation through iPET Network is optional on most courses. Although the core syllabus is our starting point, you can tell us what you need and we will ensure you cover it!

- Pet trims? Not a problem!

- Showing standard? Not a problem!

- Extra practice on a particular breed? Not a problem!

At Caliway we work with you to get the most out of your learning and help you to be the best that you can be.



Dog Grooming Qualifications

Our Dog Grooming courses are designed to suit everybody, whether you are thinking about starting your own business or gaining employment in a salon, we have a qualification for you. In order to get the best head start in the industry, we would recommend the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification.

The iPET Network qualifications are nationally recognised, regulated by Ofqual and on the UK educational framework. The Diploma qualification runs over 30 days (29 days styling in the school and 1 day Canine First Aid) with additional theory work to be completed at home. You do not need any prior experience to start this course or to have completed another level course first.  Alternatively, we also run shorter qualification courses 5 or 15 days.

The Level 3 Diploma Qualification course gives you the most skills practice and you will leave with in depth knowledge of each breed style, canine first aid, customer care, salon health and safety and business management and much much more.


iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management - 30 days: With 10 Days Theory £5500

The NEW iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification is top of the class at Caliway Grooming Academy.  The iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management Qualification includes additional elements which are unique to it's syllabus.  Four Paws Groom School (who are our lead center were  the original founders of the OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming that Caliway previously offered). They know what it takes to become a professional dog groomer as they have been training groomers & running grooming salons for many years.

This qualification is rounded and robust for those wanting to enter into the Dog Grooming Industry and we highly recommend this course for those wishing to gain employment as a stylist or start their own dog grooming business.

The iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management is a nationally recognised, regulated by Ofqual and on the UK educational framework. It is also your route to becoming a 'Fully Qualified' Dog Groomer and enables you to gain a listing on the prestigious Groomers Spotlight

The course is delivered over 30 days of practical training with additional theory work to be completed at home. Candidates will groom a minimum of 20 dogs, 10 different breeds, covering 6 different coat types but often many more.  There are no pre-requisites to starting the course, meaning you can join at level 3 without having completed a lower level (level 2) course first which can be a huge cost saving to students. 

Students will be trained in practical skills such as prepping, bathing, scissoring, clipping and nail trimming and the qualification course includes hand-stripping.

Units included within this qualification are:

301: Health and Safety in a Dog Grooming Environment 

302: Promote the Welfare of Dogs conforming with Relevant Legislation

303: Customer Care and Managing Complaints

304: Assess and Plan Dog Grooming Styles and Maintenance of Equipment

305: Health Checking, Handling and Canine Behaviour

306: Prepare, Style and Finish a range of Dog Breeds

307: Canine Emergency First Aid

308: Planning the Operation of a Small Canine Business

On your course, you are continually assessed via practical demonstration and coursework meaning you don’t have to sit a daunting exam in order to achieve the qualification. This holistic approach has been welcomed by novice dog groomers around the globe. Caliway Academy wants to take the pressure out of adult learning and we can adapt to suit your learning style. Our aim is to improve industry standards by ensuring you walk out of our school fully qualified, confident and competent. 

The iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management will demonstrate to an employer or the general public that you have the necessary technical skills and knowledge to successfully groom a range of dog breeds. This will be a formal, regulated, nationally recognised qualification that will remain relevant throughout your career and can only be achieved by reaching the required skill level. It has been designed specifically for those looking to become professional dog groomers or those who already groom dogs (as a hobby or career) but do not currently hold a nationally recognised qualification. 

This course and qualification is available to those from the UK and internationally who are able to attend one of our grooming school.

A fast-track option is also available for experienced pet groomers seeking a formal qualification to confirm their skill level or those who have undertaken other qualifications but see the benefit in gaining the iPET Network seal of approval. See the Fast-Track to iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management. 


Caliway offer a ''One Day in The Life of A Groomer'' for any potential student

who would like to get a feel for what the job is really like in a busy salon.

Please get in touch with us to arrange this.


Please contact us @ for further details or call us on 07803784516



FAST TRACK - iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management:  £2000

Fast-track options for experienced groomers seeking the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification.

At Four Paws, we know many experienced groomers would like to be able to say they are also qualified and have had their skill validated. However, exams can be daunting and the cost can escalate if you need practice to prepare for them. That is why we have made our qualification assessed through coursework and means you can complete the theory work remotely and a portfolio of grooms at your own pace, in your own time whilst ensuring you have the skills needed to achieve your goal.

We pride ourselves on providing a great opportunity for experienced groomers to achieve Level 3 qualification status without the need for first completing a Level 2 qualification. This route is also ideal for students who hold the City and Guilds Intro Certificate but who have not yet reached the City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma. Both diplomas are the same value on the national framework but simply awarded by different awarding organisations.

There are two fast track options:

Option 1) Complete your theory work and formal assessments remotely with your own dogs.
£1000 per registration

Option 2) Complete your theory work remotely and your formal assessments at Four Paws Groom School with our dog models, all assessments must be completed in 1 day.
£1500 per registration

Option 3) Complete your theory work remotely and your formal assessments at Four Paws Groom School with our dog models, price includes 2 days of tuition and 1 day to complete your assessments.
£2000 per registration

The prices above include all the elements needed to complete the course with no hidden extras. We have assessors who are able to travel throughout the UK and Europe which opens the doors for all groomers to become qualified, raising standards within the industry.

Successful completion of this qualification entitles you to join The Groomers Spotlight and proudly demonstrate your achievement.


Please contact us @ for further details or call us on 07803784516




iPET Network Level 3 Award in Hand Stripping - 1 day: £300

The iPET Network Level 3 Award in Hand Stripping is aimed at people who wish to gain the skills and knowledge to hand strip a range of breeds and styles whilst carrying out safe handling techniques. This maybe to enable you to hand strip your own dogs coat or to add hand stripping as an additional service to your business or employment portfolio.

During the course you will have hands on experience and practice, choosing to be assessed on a wire or silk coated breed type. The course will take you through the theory of wire and silk coated breeds and the different Kennel Club breed groups whilst you learn the basics of canine coat growth, different hand stripping methods, techniques and tools to use and their benefits. The qualification also covers the factors that affect Hand Stripping and after Hand Stripping care.

Hand stripping is a service not offered by every groomer and Caliway Groom School is committed to keeping the skill current and widen the knowledge of all our students.

iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine Emergency First Aid - 1 day: £150

The iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine Emergency First Aid is perfect for owners and professionals alike who want to be prepared should a pet need emergency treatment. This qualification is the first of it's kind being a regulated qualification on the Ofqual National Framework.

The qualification covers the most commonly faced canine needs such as how to treat injury, dressing wounds, allergic reactions, stings, poisoning, choking, seizures, CPR, hypothermia and much more.

The qualification is an excellent balance of theoretical and practical learning to ensure Candidates have the knowledge required should they ever be faced with an emergency first aid situation.

This qualification is valid for 3 years before requiring a refresher training day.

Each candidate will receive a recognised certificate for their learning.

You will learn skills that can save lives.  Need I say more? Call us or visit our Facebook page to find out our next course dates. 

£150 per person - including light refreshments

iPET Network Level 3 Award in Dog Walking and Pet Sitting for Professionals - 2 days: £400

The iPET Network Level 3 Award in Dog Walking and Pet Sitting for Professionals is designed to meet the real life needs and circumstances of those who wish to gain the skills and knowledge to safely and professionally operate a dog walking or pet sitting business.  These sectors are unregulated and experience in the role varies wildly.  It can be hard for customers to know who to trust their beloved pets to. So why not stand out in the crowd and show you have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to gain a nationally recognised qualification?

This qualification aims to take you on a journey from a complete beginner to a competent, professional and qualified dog walker or pet sitter. Encompassing vital skills such as contingency planning, problem solving and communication, the qualification is a balance of theoretical and practical learning which includes some real-life demo dogs! 

As an Ofqual regulated qualification at level 3, this meets the higher standard licence requirements for those working in licenced establishments such as boarding kennels, doggy daycares or pet shops making it a great choice of qualification to secure your dream job too!

Following completion of this qualification, you will:

- Know and understand the roles and responsibilities of a professional dog walker and pet sitter. 

- Be able to record details of animals and clients for the purpose of pet sitting.  

- Know and understand the policies and procedures that need to be put in place prior to setting up a dog walking and pet sitting business.  

- Know and understand client requirements and requests when carrying out dog walking and pet sitting services.  

- Know and understand how to minimise risks when lone working as a dog walker or pet sitter.  

- Know and understand the requirements of current legislation and codes of practice for dog walking and pet sitting including transporting animals. 

- Know and understand a variety of breeds and behaviours typical to their breed group 

- Know and understand how to care for small animals that may require a pet sitting service.  

- Be able to observe and record behaviour demonstrated by a dog, when working as a dog walker or pet sitter. 

- Know and understand how to walk and control a dog.  

- Be able to carry out effective dog walking activities.  

- Know and understand potential hazards that may be experienced whilst in a small animal business.  

- Understand the fundamental requirements of setting up a small animal business 

- Understand the role of marketing in a small canine business 

- Understand the financial requirements of running a small animal business 


iPET Network Level 2 Award in Canine Care, Health and Behaviour

Caliway Groom School are proud to deliver the iPET Network Level 2 Award in Canine Care, Health and Behaviour, the qualifications has been designed in collaboration with a wide range of canine industry professionals, ensuring it incorporates up-to-date research and delivers the relevant knowledge and understanding demanded by the canine industry.

The qualification is aimed at those wishing to work or begin their study within the canine industry, it will support employment and knowledge for those working in kennels, rehoming shelters, or dog walking/pet sitting. The qualification also provides an excellent foundation for progression onto further study within the canine sector. The qualification is 100% online learning with a tutor available to support you through the process however the qualification is supported with robust resources on our E-Portfolio system and is learner lead giving you the flexibility on when you complete the qualification.

This qualification offers a broad introduction to the essential elements of caring for dogs, including basic elements of canine welfare, accommodation, nutrition, exercise, handling and restraint, legislation, body language and communication, training, health and anatomy.

Candidates who complete this qualification will be able to:

  •           Understand the essential care needs of the dog
  •           Identify important legislation surrounding the keeping of dogs
  •           Explain the nutritional requirements of dogs 
  •           Recognise basic canine body language and communication
  •           Understand techniques for safe handling and restraint of dogs
  •           Outline the basic principles of training of dogs
  •           Locate key basic anatomical structures and landmarks of the dog
  •           Recognise signs of disease in dogs and how infectious diseases may be prevented

The qualification will:

  • Prepare individuals to progress to another qualification in the same subject area, studying at a higher level or a qualification requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Improve employability skills 
  • Encourage engagement in learning

The iPET Network Level 2 Award in Canine Care, Health and Behaviour is made up of three compulsory units:

Unit 201: Essential Canine Care (2 credits)

Unit 202: Canine Behaviour and Communication (2 credits)

Unit 203: Canine Health and Anatomy (2 credits)

Visit the iPET Network website to read the qualification guide, this document provides more information and breakdown of the qualification criteria and outcomes. 

The completion of the qualification is all online with the support of a tutor along with the resources created on our E-Portfolio system.

£400 per person 


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We offer several training options outlined below that are tailored to suit each

students individual needs. All trainees will receive 1-1 bespoke training with




Course Tutor: Emma Conway

Contact:  07729609943

Address :  9 Ligford Road, Strabane Co Tyrone, BT828PJ